Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been a long time...

Wow have things changed since my last post! I'm single now and I'll leave it at that. I recently watched the movie Jobs. Interesting what can change your a better you. Right away I wanted to change my hobbies, watch more inspiring shows, read better books, etc. That led me to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. At first it was not catching my interest. I was writing out my list of positive changes and had it on as background noise. Then it got to the point where he got this man to do a 10 day juice challenge. Now, I'm not by any means obese like this man was but I still felt a bit of his pain. I don't wake up ready to take charge of the day and I'm uncomfortable with myself. I have dieted and lost 40 lbs and felt amazing. Now having gained back 30 of those pounds I know I'm missing out on feeling healthy and happy with myself. Time to change...and really change.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The last 6 months

I became one busy girl 6 months ago when I started dating Manny :) Yes, my very first boyfriend. I met Manny in 2009 when we both worked for Applebee's. I went back to school and he moved to Everett. After graduating I came back and started working for Applebee's again...about 3 months later so did he. I love being with him... I love that he treats me like I'm the most special girl on Earth... I love that he's a daddy... I love that he is a hard worker... I love that he always wants me around... I love that he works on cars... I love that he always smells like awesome cologne... I love that he calls me "my cutie", "beautiful", "babe", "baby", and "mama" (its a mexican thing)... I love that he is Hispanic and teaches and makes me try new things... I love that his family loves me and treats me like part of the family... I love his kids... There's lots more but you get the picture...speaking of which -->

Friday, March 11, 2011

I met Satan's mistress.

This couple sat themselves at a dirty table so I walked over with a towel and asked if I could wipe it (they were holding hands over it). So they moved their hands and the girls like is that why my arms sticking to the counter? I said ya, well we usually seat people with menus at clean tables. She said not in the bar. I said yes we do and I'll go grab you some menus.
I came back with the menus and told them to ennjoy...she says thanks, piss off. LOL wow. I told a couple people about it and they recognized her and told me about how she's treated them. Once telling Joe he should jump off a cliff and he's an idiot and Manny to get away from her table.
So I was writing up the roster for tomorrow and the lady is like can we order something to go?!?! I knew she had already told her waiter to also piss off and made our bartender take their drink orders. I ignored her but she asked again so I looked up and said I'm not a server. She said well can you get us one? So I started walking back and my manager (with his foot in a cast and a cane) stops me and I tell him what she said and went back to my business.
Then they say nevermind, can we just get the bill! I stared at her for a long moment and said well who's your server (since she told her server to piss off). She didn't know so I said well who brought you drinks? I turned and walked up to the bar to get Ryan and stood while he finished helping someone but I hear them call some random name and then she was right next to me saying some name so I was like his name is Ryan. She smirked at me and said thanks I got that. Hahaha
Again I went back to my work. Then she starts talking crap and I keep ignoring her. So Courtney came with another beer and the lady is like we just want the bill and said something about me the "smart-a** doorman" and another table tells court that they can't believe the things she's been saying to me and using a lot of foul language. So the crazy lady turns on them and says to mind their own business and what is she looking at and to go back to Firestone where it looks like she works and that he husband is really hot ( a bald older man). I finally looked up and we stared at each other.
She says WHAT!? So I was like how old are you? (condescendingly) and she says how old are you? Are you even on the clock cause you ignored us trying to order and I said thats because you've been rude to everyone that's tried to help you!!!
And then I blacked out. I honestly can't remember what was said after that but I was so angry I stormed off.
Later I hear that my manager saw me starting to get mad and talk back and told Courtney to break it up and Avon to grab me. He started to panic but said he was soooo glad I walked away. Even though he still had to do paperwork on it.
Crazy lady also spit on the lady that chimed in. Thats when courtney finally went and escorted her out. Court says she started apologizing then and she just kept herding her out the door. The bf finished paying and told court to f-off as he left.
I was so mad that I had started crying. But of course my applebuddies cheered me up pretty quickly and im sure this will be all the gossip for the next few days. Lol

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh hail.

I remember being a kid and wanting it to snow SO badly so we could just get a day away from school. I used to get up and go straight to the window and was so bummed to find no snow.
Then I went to college in Rexburg Idaho and I would want the snow to melt SO badly so I could walk to school without freezing my nose hairs. I used to get up and go straight to the window and was so bummed to find snow.
The I moved home and its snowing. All I can say is thank goodness Washington snow only sticks around for a couple days...just long enough to do some donuts.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know, I know...I haven't written in forever and you thought I was never going to write again right? I'm watching Julie & Julia and feeling so sorry for Julie as she writes a blog for a year about cooking. I've done a 14 day blog for my photography class and I can't believe how hard it becomes to write something everyday. Not that I don't have plenty of things on my mind on a regular basis.

I've been sick for the last week and as I pulled a tissue from the Kleenx box (which by the way is the brand although people use it as a noun) I realized I love that sound. I love the sound even though it is inevitably the sound of being miserable.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tally it up!

Its almost 4am and I still can't fall asleep. So I decided I would keep a record of the funny stuff that happens at work.

1. This guy stood at the door and took time to unwrap his toothpick, slowly I might add, and then puts it in my co-workers hand and leaves. Last time I checked we're not trash cans...but it was really funny!

2. This girl walks out and says "my boyfriend is such an a#$hole! I HATE him. I'm serious, he's such a slob. Look, he's not even coming!" So she walks back in and shortly comes storming out again. The guy follows on the phone: "I don't even know, I can't stand her anymore, I hate her." Hahaha my co-worker and I had no idea what to say. We just laughed...hard! I talked to their server after and she said they were fighting the entire time too. He would make comments to the server and the girlfriend would be like "just shut up, you're stupid." Hahaha

3. People try to read our name tag all the time which gets kind of awkward. Well one guy was a little to close to Rachaels' and she yells "it says Rachael!" I don't know why it was so funny but everytime I see her I think of that.

4. People have been following me to tables while I'm trying to clean them off or put 2 together for a big top. It's really annoying. One group sat down before I had even put the tables together. I looked over and saw my favorite manager and the bartender laughed watching me. Some have even been so impatient that they put the tables together with me. It's strangly one of my biggest pet peeves. The other hosts sometimes get rude and tell people to get back up to the front and wait! haha

5. Guys are funny. I don't wanna sound conceded cause I don't understand it but I've had 3 guys ask for my number in the past week. My personal favorite was this big black guy with little dreads came in and was like "table for 3...or maybe just two for me and you." Haha smooth. I ended up telling him I have a boyfriend and he's like "so! you'll break up someday right?" for some reason he asked if he was black, I said no and he said white? i said no and decided to just say mexican cause I love my mexi's ;) he was like "man those mexicans are always taken em!" hahaha anyways it was pretty funny but he was REALLY forward and that just kinda makes me feel like im backed into a corner and i hate that!

6. I met one of the servers, jonathan, and he was asking me to back him up about this table that was giving him crap and the manager was blaming him. So i said ya i'll back you up no problem. and he's like if i ever need anyone im coming to you and throws in you look REALLY cute tonight amie and gave me this flirty smile and shakes my hand. So i walk away and go to the back and my co-host is back there so im like "that was awkward, i think jonathan was hitting on me." and she yells "WHAT? WHAT DID HE SAY?" and then her eyes shift behind me and she whispers "he's behind you...laughing." i felt like such a jerk! well she said later that night after i left he asked her if she had heard anything good about him, she said she laughed and said no and he said oh so i guess it was all bad then? and she didn't answer. awkward. ive only seen him once since then and he only flicked a reciept on my arm as he passed by and laughed. i hope i never work with him again! haha

7. Apparently I have a lot of look alikes. I used to get told that in rexburg all the time too but it happens at applebees too. First time these people came in from ohio or something and they said they have a niece in california who has the exact same mannerisms as i do. the lady was all emotional about it and said they had missed her and it was nice to see her in me and thanked me for that memory. haha it was very sweet but also weird.
and last night an older guy tells me either me or my twin was at some store. I had no idea i have such a universal face. haha i've never thought i look like anyone.
when i had black/brown hair i got told i look like the actress Kat Dennings. So i asked some people i work with and they were like NOT AT ALL! what the heck, even with dark hair, you wouldn't. haha

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm just gonna say it...Asians drive me crazy.

For some reason Asians LOVE Applebees...and there are a lot of Asians in WA. So last night a group of 5 walk in. It was a pretty busy night and it was happy hour and I was hosting by myself. I started to take them to a table and they ask for a booth.
We only have one booth that holds more than 4 and it was taken. I could seat them at a booth and put a chair on the end but we had a big party next to the only 2 booths open and it's against fire code to put chairs back to back like that. So I said we didn't have any large enough open and sat them at a table with a chair on the end.
Unfortunately the table was right next to my host station and I had to listen to their stupid chatter for the next hour. They noticed the booths open that I couldn't seat them at and started talking about it, knowing that I could hear them.
By that time of night and after dealing with stupid people all the time in this business I was ready to spit in their food. Turns out so did the poor server I sat them with. When they left she started venting to me about how rude and stupid these kids were. They asked for margaritas and when she asked to see I.D. they giggled and said they didn't ask for margaritas. wtf? She said when she gave them their change ($1.27) she said "keep your effing dollar and don't come back." Hahaha She's awesome.
Anyways my point in this rant is to inform all those that haven't worked in the restaurant business that just like you and your job, WE KNOW HOW WHAT WE'RE DOING! We work there, not YOU! If we don't seat you somewhere, there's probably a reason. So shut up, sit down, and eat your food. It astounds me how rude people are to hosts and servers just because you're paying for food doesn't mean you have to give us crap. It sucks waiting on people anyway so give us a freaking break!!!