Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been a long time...

Wow have things changed since my last post! I'm single now and I'll leave it at that. I recently watched the movie Jobs. Interesting what can change your a better you. Right away I wanted to change my hobbies, watch more inspiring shows, read better books, etc. That led me to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. At first it was not catching my interest. I was writing out my list of positive changes and had it on as background noise. Then it got to the point where he got this man to do a 10 day juice challenge. Now, I'm not by any means obese like this man was but I still felt a bit of his pain. I don't wake up ready to take charge of the day and I'm uncomfortable with myself. I have dieted and lost 40 lbs and felt amazing. Now having gained back 30 of those pounds I know I'm missing out on feeling healthy and happy with myself. Time to change...and really change.

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